Journey to Iberia: The Flight

“I am walking away from anything that gives me bad vibes. There is no need to explain or make sense of it. It’s my life and I’m doing what makes me happy.” — Anonymous 

March 28, 2017 — At last I’m on the road again, after a year-long hiatus, rife with medical dogma, like iron chains, that kept me lashed to Kauai and Honolulu. Toward the end of this dilemma I made a life-changing decision to forego the radical surgery and concentrate on naturopathy, homeopathy, positivity and resonant light/energy therapy, thereby freeing me to get on with my life — SOONER than later.

The journey began before I left Kauai, by finding the perfect pet-sitter to spoil my beautiful hen and three pampered pussy cats. With dear Dawn in charge of my hacienda and menagerie, I embarked on a two-month journey to Spain to explore alternative cancer treatments and to see all of the wonders that I’d never seen before in Europe or other parts of the world.

In addition to enhancing my appreciation and cultural knowledge of my birth country — Colombia — I also wanted to explore the ancient history of the Iberian Peninsula, where prehistoric remains of Phonecian seafarers and ancient necropolises are as common as shark’s teeth are in Hawaii.

My journey was preceded by watching many informative You Tube videos about what to see and do in Spain, as well as my arm chair discovery of the region’s ancient invaders, including Muslims from North Africa, Greeks, Romans, and the Germanic Visogoths, as well as numerous ancient settlements by Celtic tribes.

I embarked on my adventure by boarding several airplanes to Madrid. Who so ever can sleep on a plane is either drugged out of their mind or lying…. Being of the first category, I dozed on the Kauai to Phoenix and Phoenix to Philadelphia legs of the trip, contorted into a semi-fetal position, unable to read, and too crowded to comfortably plug into a headset to watch the movie on aisle-ceiling tvs.

But on the Philadelphia to Madrid leg I was BLESSED with an empty seat next to me, a tv on the back of the seat in front of me, and TWO meals, The first of which — dinner — was particularly enticing because it was served with free Spanish wine! I watched the suspenseful movie, Deepwater Horizon, about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. After getting this rare, royal treatment from an airline (American), I stretched out to half my height on my seat and the empty one, and was embraced in the arms of Morpheus, Greek god of sleep! I know I slept because I had dreams, and I was pleasantly awakened to the aromas of breakfast and coffee as we made our descent into Madrid.

Being a ver high-tech, organized member of the European Union, Spanish baggage claim and customs were a breeze, and I was quickly able to catch a taxi to my Air BnB lodging at 52 Calle de García del Paredes in the university area of Madrid, only  1 block from the Museo Sorolla and a short hike to the historic Old section.

Since My flight arrived at 8 am on March 30, after having spent two full nights, and an entire day in transit, much more sleeping was necessary. I finally woke up refreshed early on Friday morning, March 31, ready to explore the first in a string of famous, historic cities, Madrid.

To be continued in the next entry “Madrid — Modern and Majestic”


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