Caring for Colombia’s Abandoned Animals — The Asociacion de Defensora de Animales Ambiente

Here are some photos of my afternoon at the Asociación Defensora de Animales y del Ambiente ADA. After cleaning cages, washing walls, changing litter, topping off water and food dishes, we received the post-ops and some new arrivals. One of the new arrivals — a black kitten — bolted out of his carrier and disappeared into one of the rooms that connect to the cattery. It took us about 20 minutes to figure out which room the little devil dissappeared into. He had chosen the kitchen, where there are two big wooden pallets with 30 or so giant bags of dry cat and dog food. It took us another 30 minutes to move all the food bags and isolate the kitten. I caught him — hissing and yowling — but all was well and he was returned to his cage. Whew! Great ending of the day!
Please, if you can donate ANYTHING it would be appreciated. Please go to the website and put your donation where your mouth is! This is a no-kill shelter that needs YOUR help.
Cattree Climbers Hangin Tawny Trouble 12039424_10206573387045599_4217783959394540720_n


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